Fun CSS Tricks You Can Use! by Dan Grossman CSS or Cascading Style Sheets allow you to implement a few neat effects on your webpages easily. You can implement these CSS effects on your site by simply copying and pasting the code. Rollover Color Text Links Have your text links change color when the mouse passes over them by inserting this code into the HEAD of your document: Links With No Underline Remove the underline from any or all of the links on your page by putting this in the HEAD of your document: Or, remove the underline form individual links by forming them like this: link Links With A Line Above And Below Them This is an interesting look that works especially well as a hover attribute for your links, but can also be applied to all of your links. It will show the normal underline and a line above the link: Highlighted Text Highlight important text on your page or words you want to stand out, easily: highlighted text Try adding it to your link hover for a neat effect: Background Image That Isnt Tiled This will create a background image that doesn't repeat: You can also center it, however it will be centered as the background of the entire document, not centered on the screenful:

Hello! this is my Website!,
I’am «ëĿĴëÐ_ŘēŸēŁŁë»,
Am I creative?
Well it's very difficult to make a wesite!
But Im sure you'll enjoy it!
Please share some of your
time viewing my website,
Or stay for a little longer,
And please engrave me some comments.

Come again!!!,

Remember the basic rules and guide lines you must follow.
1. No spaming.
2. No content that may offend others.
3. No personal advertising.
4. No personal advertising.
5. Dont type bad words.
6. Never criticize my website. Remember it was only made by a 14 years old child.
(Verse of the day) “So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
”- Isaiah 41:10

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